Almo Corporation is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. While there is much more that will be needed to be done, Almo is actively working to reduce our overall carbon footprint and to create a sustainable business model that minimizes our impact on the environment.

Renewable Energy

Since 2019, Almo has completed three roof-based renewable energy systems which consist of more than 3,750 solar panels on three properties. We now have 740,000 sq.ft. of warehousing space that run completely on solar energy.

Our solar-panel systems produce a combined total of 1.5 million kW-h annually, fulfilling 100% of the electricity needs for three of our buildings. These solar panels greatly reduce our dependence on grid-generated, non-renewable electricity for many years to come and eliminate 1,100 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

To hear more about Almo's decision to invest in solar energy, watch the following videos of Ed Gibbons, Executive Vice President, and Warren Chaiken, CEO, talk about Almo's solar investments.

Almo Turns on Two Solar Plants in PA

Almo Launches WI Solar Project, Its Third Solar Initiative


In 2022, we implemented a new way to fuel our Exertis Almo Buffalo facility using biogas to reduce our environmental impact. We partnered with Brightmark to benefit from locally-sourced biogas that has the capacity to singlehandedly power the entire Buffalo office, without any change to the level of energy efficiency, but with a significant drop in negative environmental impact. Exertis Almo will be part of Brightmark’s Yellowjacket project, which is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the manure processed at their facilities by 117,787 tons per year – or the equivalent of planting over 230 square miles of forest annually. See more at

Electricity Savings

Today, all Almo warehouses and offices utilize motion-sensing lighting which can cut in half the electricity used in our facilities. Additionally, we are in the process of improving the energy efficiency of our lighting by another 15%-25% by replacing all fixtures with LED technology. In August, 2021, Almo completed the conversion of our headquarters offices and one of our PA warehouses to 100% motion-sensing, LED lighting. In 2022, Almo retrofitted our other PA warehouse facility and our Missouri distribution center to 100% LED lighting. That’s over 650,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art, very-high-efficiency lighting!

Energy-Saving, ECO-Friendly Products

Almo has developed a product portfolio for our customers that is rich in energy-saving technology. All of our appliance and home-comfort categories have energy star products and several categories go well beyond energy star. Today, all of our home comfort (air conditioning, dehumidification) products use R32 refrigerants exclusively. Products with compressors (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners) all use refrigerants that can contain ozone-depleting substances and most of these can have a far worse impact on global warming than carbon dioxide. R32 is a single component refrigerant, meaning it is easier to reuse and to recycle. It is also more energy efficient, relatively inexpensive to produce and has zero ozone depleting potential (ODP) – it is a win-win solution.

Additionally, our product development teams have been working with suppliers to provide inverter-compressor technology. LG air conditioners with Dual Inverter Compressors, for example, provide advanced cooling with up to 50% energy savings – an outstanding achievement given all of the improvements already made in energy efficiency over the past decade. Lastly, wifi-enabled appliances and home-comfort products have the ability to save energy using schedule programming and can be part of demand-response programs for further utilities savings. These technologies allow users to be “smart” about their energy use and to significantly lower their energy bills.

Forklift Emissions

We are in the process of converting our fleet of more than 125 forklifts from liquid propane engines to highly-efficient, battery-operated forklifts. Our new “Eco-Performance” lift trucks produce an amazing 80% less CO2 emissions than our current forklifts and operate 17% more efficiently than standard electric lift trucks.


Click here for an exciting article about the pioneering solar initiatives at Lafayette College, Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University, Dickinson College, Penn State, and the University of Pennsylvania - the alma maters for many of our Almo employees. Most recently, Lafayette College added over 1,200 solar panels to their athletic center roof (Click here for more).


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As one of the largest privately held distributors in the United States, Almo Corporation understands that our employees are the backbone of the company. That's why we focus on ensuring everyone who works for us has what they need to succeed, from an upbeat working environment, to skills training, to approachable higher management. With more than 600 employees working in 4 sales divisions and 9 distribution centers around the country, Almo takes pride in offering a 401K program and comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the changing and various needs of our employees.

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